The Saddle Light Center is a non-profit organization that offers professional equine therapy to the disabled population of a wide range of ages in the San Antonio area to improve both their self-esteem and quality of life.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide professional equestrian therapy for children, teenagers and adults with neurological, orthopedic, learning, emotional or other disabilities.

Our Horses

It takes a special type of horse to become a therapy horse. Not only does it need to be accustomed to many people nearby but it also must have excellent body movement.

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Juan is an amazing boy. Juan has had many struggles…always feels as if his school and friends believe he is a “bad boy.” Juan has been diagnosed with ADHD with aggressive features…sensory and anxiety problems….I knew Juan was having problems showing his full potential. After learning about Therapeutic Horseback Riding, I felt excited…This was our alternative to help him in a natural way…to not go the route of medications.  Juan is attentive…patient…maturity level has grown…anxiety level is slowing down…becoming conscious of his triggers. Juan feels as if he can conquer anything…anticipates coming to see his friend Kai … is doing something not many of his friends can do. I can only imagine Juan to continue to learn and grow from this amazing opportunity.

Blanca Portillo, July 2013

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How Can YOU Help

All donations are Tax Deductible!


Volunteers provide critical assistance by spotting and side walking, horse handler, horse care & barn chores.

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Sponsor a Rider

Many of our riders depend on our scholarship program in order to help with the cost of our services.

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Sponsor a Horse

The cost of hay, feed, farrier, shavings and veterinarian care per year is approximately $2,885.00 per horse.

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Shop to Give

Parts of the proceeds from the online shopping that you were going to do anyways can be directed our way.

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Saddle Light Gift Shop

Handcrafted horseshoes, SLC caps, and shirts! Donate to our organization and get a token of our appreciation back!

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General Donations

Donate funds to us directly and we will put the gift to work where it is needed the most.

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Apply to be a
Saddle Light Rider

Do you or a loved one think that you can benefit from this type of therapy? There are some qualifications that must be reviewed in order to participate in the program. There is also funding assistance available to those in need through our scholarship program.

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