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EquestFest 2015 – Kickin’ it up @ the Rio Cibolo Ranch Corral

Posted on by Shelly Holm

EquestFest 2015 – Kickin’ it up @ the Rio Cibolo Ranch Corral

For the past 12 years the Rio Cibolo Ranch in Marion, Texas has partnered with our non-profit to provide a fundraising and fun day for our riders, families, and fans.  This year an estimated 250 visitors attended EquestFest and enjoyed a day of therapeutic horseback riding demonstrations, pony and hay wagon rides, petting zoo and much more.

Most importantly, this event brings community awareness to the success of hippotherapy -a horse-back riding treatment that helps riders with disorders to improve mobility and self-confidence.  The center provides hippotherapy and therapeutic riding to 63 children, teens, and adult riders who have emotional, learning, neurological and orthopedic disorders each week.  Executive Director Kerstin Fosdick, PATH-certified and licensed physical therapist, and 2 Occupational Therapists and 2 Riding Instructors complete the Saddle Light Center’s instructional team.

Riders at the event included 6-year-old Kaden Hickman who suffered strokes while in his mother’s womb.  He has been a rider since January 2015.  His posture, speech, and focus have improved according to his mother, Ashlee Hickman.

This year’s event collected over $25,000.00 in donations and proceeds which will help with the care of our horses and help finance our program instruction.

To help with this event or to volunteer with the Saddle Light Center, please e-mail us at  or call us at 210-651-9574
We look forward to hearing from you!

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Craig Christopher,  Rio Cibolo Ranch


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  • Coca-Cola
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  • Papa John’s Pizza
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