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Schooner and Jazz’s Retirement

Posted on by Shelly Coker

Schooner and Jazz’s Retirement

Our beloved Schooner has been at the Saddle Light Center for nearly fifteen years.  During this time he has kept hundreds of riders safe as they learned horseback riding skills or fulfilled their therapy needs.    He endeared himself to many riders, including Chris, who was there when Schooner arrived at his retirement home.  Chris made sure he had his usual weekly mix of carrot slices and apple chunks marinated with peppermints.  Schooner will live in the pasture of a friend to enjoy his golden years.  Jazz, who is experiencing some reoccurring ligament injuries in his hind legs that make trotting painful for him, will share the retirement resort with Schooner.  They will enjoy 100 acres of coastal fields and occasional lead-line walks with the grandchildren of their host.                                                

 You can make a donation in their honor by calling the office or by visiting the “How-to-Help” donation page on this site.


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