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How to Join

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How to Join

Rider Enrollment Forms

Before anyone can enroll in our specialized therapy sessions, they must fill out the following forms:


Scholarship Program

Scholarships are offered to Saddle Light Center (SLC) riders for the calendar year May 1 through April 30. You will be asked to reapply each year by April 15. If you choose not to reapply, or become ineligible, scholarship funding will stop effective May 1. You may continue in the riding program using a different payment resource. Decisions are based on a combination of factors including financial need, anticipated benefits to the rider’s disabilities, the commitment to attending sessions at least once a week, and available funds.

Apply for a Scholarship

If you need financial assistance, you may want to apply for a scholarship:

Download Application Now

For riders who would like to apply for a scholarship, proof of income has to be provided. The Saddle Light Center has adopted a sliding scale based on family’s yearly income and the amount of family members.  Please contact the office (210) 651-9574 for additional information.

New Rider Evaluation

As a potential patient, you will have to be evaluated by a therapist. All evaluations are scheduled on Saturdays. Please check with our office to set up an appointment.

Therapy Schedules

Be sure yo review our Therapy Schedule to be sure you can be available for the entire session.


We receive many inquiries about our program, including those about types of lessons, our horses and their training, and logistics of therapeutic riding at the Saddle Light Center. Please visit these Frequently Asked Questions for more information on these topics.