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Kerstin L. Fosdick, LPT

Kerstin L. Fosdick, LPT

Executive Director of the Saddle Light Center

Education/ Experience

  • Graduated from Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas December 1992 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Therapy
  • January 1993 to January 2001 worked as a Staff Physical Therapist, Clinical Instructor and Center Coordinator of Clinical Education at Gonzales Warm Springs Rehabilitation Hospital
  • October 1999 assumed leadership of the Saddle Light Center as Program Director, Board President and Executive Director


  • PATH International Certificate of Registration in Hippotherapy
  • PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor

Kerstin Fosdick, our Program Director, is a licensed physical therapist, who is available to design customized plans to meet the needs of each individual rider.
As anyone who has talked to Kerstin may have guessed, she is not originally from around here. Kerstin was born and raised in Sweden, where her early preoccupation was cross-country skiing. At the age of 19, Kerstin’s curiosity about the American way of life led her to accept a one-year position as a nanny for an American family in New Jersey.

Kerstin soon realized that she loved the States and wanted to stay, and so she began planning ahead for life in the U.S. She attended secretarial school during her first year here, and when her nanny contract expired, she was ready to make the transition.

She began working for the YMCA, and shortly thereafter she married and started a family a year later when her son John was born. It was at age 25 that Kerstin first became involved with horses. Her first interactions with horses taught her a great deal, and as she continued to work with them over the past 30 years, her understanding of the equine mind and body has continued to grow.
As her love for horses grew, her career path followed, and over the years she concentrated on expanding her knowledge of all aspects of horsemanship and equine care. She became a successful ranch manager, riding instructor, and horse trainer, as well as a prize-winning dressage rider.

As a Ranch Manager in McQueeney, Texas for 12 years, Kerstin supervised the operation of the 700-acre-ranch that served as home to buffalo, longhorn cattle and wild mustangs. Working with the wild mustangs, Kerstin learned to “read” and communicate with horses through careful observation of the horse’s body language and demeanor.

In 1985, her life and career path was changed for the better when she became an instructor in a therapeutic riding program. Shortly thereafter, she made it official when she earned a Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy degree and became a licensed Physical Therapist, and later, an AHA Registered Therapist in Classic Hippotherapy.

She joined The Saddle Light Center in 1991, and has been the President of the Board and Program Director since 1999. In addition to her Saddle Light Center duties, Kerstin maintains a private practice as a Physical Therapist where she helps patients through traditional physical therapy protocols.

Kerstin lives on her 10-acre home in Marion, Texas, with 1 dog, 4 cats, P.J., a registered Quarter Horse stallion, and Blackjack retired from SLC.

When Kerstin isn’t working or spending time with her horses, she enjoys riding motorcycles, snow skiing, water skiing, and hiking.