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Alfredo and Valerie Losoya, May 2013

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Alfredo and Valerie Losoya, May 2013

The Saddle Light Center has been my son, Diego Losoya’s, Hippotherapy Provider for over 6 years….We hoped that the therapy sessions would encourage him to speak, increase his range of motion, and most importantly help decrease the scissoring of his legs when he walks. We thought if nothing else, Diego would love the horses.  At every session they encourage Diego to use both hands…we do see this carry over to his daily task. He will now use his right hand to reach for items and use it as a helper. They have encouraged Diego to speak…his teacher reported that Diego was very excited about the horse in [a] story and called the horse Millie, the horse he rides at the Saddle Light Center. “Millie Go!” he repeated over and over.  Diego has had one surgery to assist with spasticity in his legs. We really feel that the Hippotherapy has played a big role in his recovery and maintaining the results. He has been able to walk a longer distance, and his posture, balance, and range of motion have improved. We strongly feel that the sessions have improved not only his mobility and speech, but also his quality of life.

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