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Michelle Ivery & Family, May 2013

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Michelle Ivery & Family, May 2013

I just wanted to send you this note to thank you and the entire staff for your wonderful program and all it has done for Elizabeth. Even after her first lesson I could see an immediate improvement in her balance and walking. After her third lesson, her oldest brother, who doesn’t live at home and whom we only see once a month or so, and who didn’t even know she had started doing Hippotherapy came by, and the first thing he said when he saw her was “Hey, her walking has really gotten better since last time I saw her.”  She WAS a little afraid of Big Red and being in the big barn when she first started riding. But, now after almost a year and a half of lessons, she loves him, and has no fear at all. I know this will translate into other areas of her life, and will pay off in her being willing to try new things and go places she isn’t familiar with. And when we talk about it she signs his name and her eyes just sparkle …helped her learn all her letters…helping her get her colors down…interacting with her side walkers…Hippotherapy dovetails perfectly with many of the things she is working on in speech and occupational therapy—pulling them together with a physical angle is truly synergistic.

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